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Common myths about motivation

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Common myths about motivation

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In your daily life, you will come across many situations where things and matters will inspire you. It is not only any person, but incidents and anything can motivate a person. It is often considered that motivation should keep coming to someone’s life in one or the other form. However, one needs to make sure that it comes in the right form and touches your life. But there are plenty of motivational myths in the society that will reach you but make sure that it does not impact your life. One needs to be very careful about motivation and myths because the later one can dramatically change your life and make you repent for long time.

Motivation is something that is yet to achieve

Well, motivation is not anything that you have received. However, that can be classified as target and motivation is the way to reach the target. You must understand that motivation is something very close to your heart and will always be associated with your life. Motivation will be small and petty things but will matter the most for you. Also, it differs to people, you may get motivated to something, and it definitely has nothing do with it.

Positivity brings motivation

Positivity is something very important in life. However, that does not say that you have to be always positive. A person cannot be positive all along. Motivation is something comes from the situations. You may go through struggling period and remain negative and get the motivation of life. If someone is very positive, then he or she hardly needs any motivation. Motivation comes when the person is in need of inspiration or motivation. Also, motivation is matter of perspective and differs from individual to individual. There are people who get motivated by fear, agony or pain and that are not at all positive things.

You can be motivated without having goal

The motivation is the urge to achieve something. However, people have common idea that motivation comes just like that. However, the motivation is not a passing air that will drop by your door. It is the urge that keeps you going towards your goal. The goal can be anything personal, professional and even business oriented. The motivation is the way of finding your zeal not just any feelings.

You should be motivated every time

This is again something weird to hear. A person cannot be motivated all the time. Motivation is not a cloth that you can wear; it comes from within from any incident. However, a person cannot always get inspired. The situations do not come often that can motivate people. If you want to get inspired, you have to wait for that moment. Also, it is not necessary that a moment can inspire or motivate your for long time. Sometimes, slightest of incident motivates you and loud motivation skips your mind.

People often have some strange myth and ideas about motivation. These myths actually hold people from getting motivated and thus you should free your mind and get motivated when the time comes.