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Five Best VR Devices available in the world

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Five Best VR Devices available in the world

On January 16, 2017, Posted by , In Business,Business Help, With Comments Off on Five Best VR Devices available in the world

The world is getting changed in terms of technology. This is the era of virtual reality and many devices have lined up in the world of technology now. The popular world of technology has simple and affordable VR gadgets and at the same time, the high rated costly devices. However, in all cases, the experience is fascinating and the Virtual Reality or the VR Devices are simply indicating that the world is moving into a new direction of

Artificial Intelligence. There are many VR devices that have been introduced so far. Here are some of the best VR devices available in the market that are popular and equally useful.

Oculus Rift

The Facebook owned Oculus Rift is undoubtedly the most popular VR device that tracks the head movement and provide the unimaginable 3D experience right in front of your eyes. The device uses 2160*1200 resolution and is known for amazing quality. The product is still under testing and many more features are to be added. The interesting VR Gear can be connected with the USB or DVI ports. This is available for only $599 USD.

HTC Vive

This is another product that would only become better in coming times. The 360 degree rotation enabled VR product from HTC in collaboration with the Valves has impressed the market. The device has as many as 70 sensors and can be mounted on your eyes. This also tracks the head movement and gives an experience of real world in virtual world. The VR device is bit expensive as per the features so far. It is available for $799 USD.

Play Station VR

The Sony Play Station changed the world of the gaming altogether and the new Play Station VR is on the same way again. The low price and high compatibility of the VR gives amazing gaming experience. It is compatible with the Play Station and the PS4 as well. The excellent VR device is available only for $399 USD.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has also jumped in the field of the Virtual Reality and the South Korean Giant has not done any bad either. The Samsung Gear VR is eventually a good VR device with high quality experience. The gear gives 101 degree of viewing experience. However, the compatibility of the device has been an issue and it only supports few of the high flagship Samsung devices. The price of the VR is however very less and it can be bought for $99.

Google Cardboard

It is said that the technology comes from the free mind and innovation and Google has done exactly the same. They have used a simple cardboard box to provide Virtual Reality experience. The low cost VR device is one of the most popular devices and gives amazing viewing experience. The technology has been redefined in this device and it is also available for mere $29 USD.

These VR devices are already running successfully in the market and considering the amount of research and improvement in the field, it can be safely said that it is just the beginning.