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Importance of having a mobile responsive business website.

On December 19, 2015, Posted by , In Business Help, By , With Comments Off on Importance of having a mobile responsive business website.

Today, tablets, and Smartphones are the common gadgets connecting people to the internet. The mobile phones have become so popular that they overtook desktop browsers as the platform for accessing websites. With the proliferation of smartphones comes changes in website designs to ensure that they are mobile responsive. Factors such as screen size, touch vs. click, pixel resolution, optimized markup and support for adobe’s flash technology has become critical in designing the mobile phone responsive websites. As an owner of a website that needs a high page ranking on major search engines, you cannot overlook the importance of having a mobile responsive website.

A mobile responsive website is one that is easy to read, navigate, scroll, and minimize from your desktop and mobile phone. We have highly qualified designers that would ensure that your site has the navigation elements, text, images, screen layouts, UI elements, and audio/video players. The essence is to improve the user experience on mobile phones and computers desktops. It, therefore, means that you would not need to spend extra money on creating a desktop site version and a mobile site version.


Business Content

On December 19, 2015, Posted by , In Business, By , With Comments Off on Business Content

For triumph on the internet, content and discoverability of content are leading success metrics. Visitors to your site should find it easier to access your content from whichever device they chose to at any time. Responsive websites will significantly improve your page ranking in search engines because users can access your page from a smart TV, tablet, desktop or Smartphone without any difficulties.

We design the website such that it can run on any platform without the need to build different versions. Rather than having many versions or compartmentalizing your website, you need to take up the responsive web design approach. If you need sites that work well on many existing devices in the market, then responsive sites are the way to go. We will design you a safe, smart, and user-friendly website that makes your customers happy. Optimized sites provide a great experience that leads to improved conversion rates.…